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About Auckland, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, covering close to 1,100 km / 684 miles of land. It is surrounded by the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific on the east and the Manukau Harbour to the southwest, and closed in by the Hunua and Waitakere mountain ranges from the weast to the northeast. This makes Auckland a quiet, fairly secluded area offering beautiful views of the mountainside and harbour, which draws in thousands of tourists every year.

Auckland originally went by the Mori name Tmaki Makau Rau, meaning 'isthmus of one thousand lovers.' The isthmus (a narrow strip of land connecting two islands) on which modern Auckland lies is blessed with highly productive soil and a strategic location, which gave way to the first agricultural industry and the establishment of two major ports, which accounted for much of the city's economic success.

Today, Auckland boasts of a very diverse culture, with a mix of European, Pacific, Asian, and native Mori making up the city population. About 14 immigrants from other countries are said to arrive in Auckland every day.

What to do in Auckland

Auckland is known as the 'City of Sails,'with more yachts on its harbour than any other city in thye world. Not surprisingly, sailing is one of the most popular activities among locals and tourists. Sailing and boat tours are offered year round, and tourists are treated to miles of untouched coastline and breathtaking harbour views.

Concerts and live performances are frequently held at the Western Springs Stadium, a natural amphitheatre. It is also used for rugby union matches and speedway races, making it a popular venue for music and sports fans alike.

If you have money to spare, try shopping at Parnell, where you will find everything from designer jewelry to specialty paper. Newmarket is a popular destination for fashion lovers, as it has some of the best fashion outlets in the area. For those who love art and culture, the Auckland Art Gallery is a must-see. The gallery contains some of New Zealand's national treasures and works by New Zealand artists such as Frances Hodgkins and Colin McCahon.

Tourist Attractions

One of the major points of interest in Auckland is the Sky Tower at the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets. Used for telecommunications and broadcasts, the tower is lit up at night and forms an almost surreal neon glow against the night sky. At over 300 m tall, the Sky Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere.

Auckland is also home to some remarkable volcanoes, such as Mount Victoria and Mount Eden, about 8 km / 5 miles south of the city centre. Mount Eden is an extinct volcano that dominates the Auckland isthmus, where you can see the well-preserved terraced villages built by the first Maori settlers. Mount Victoria is slightly out of the way, but it offers a spectacular view of the gulf and harbour that makes it well worth the travel time.

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